CG-5 AutoGrav
from Scintrex

The CG-5 is the latest, gravity meter from Scintrex Ltd. The CG-5 can be operated with minimal operator training, and automated features significantly reduce the possibility of reading errors.

Scintrex CG-5 on station

Data download bottlenecks have been eased with the provision of a fast USB interface and flexible data formats.

Noise rejection has been improved through a series of automated correction functions which are easy to maintain.

By constantly monitoring electronic tilt sensors, the CG-5 can automatically compensate for errors in gravity meter tilt. Due to low mass and excellent elastic properties of fused quartz, tares are virtually eliminated. The CG-5 can be transported over very rough roads and the residual drift remains low. The CG-5 can withstand a shock of more than 20G and the tare will be no more than 5 micro Gal.

The CG-5 offers the best possible repeatability. Over many 10’s of field readings the CG-5 will repeat to within a standard deviation of 0.005mGal. An inbuilt radio frequency remote aid maintains instrument stability after levelling.

Supplied with an integrated Garmin 12 channel smart GPS antenna the CG-5 locates itself to within <15m with Standard GPS, and <3m if SBAS corrections are received.

Easily transportable, the CG-5’s ability to hot swap batteries permits extended battery life ensuring the sensor temperature can be maintained.

Product Dimensions

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
CG-5 AutoGrav (instrument only) 31cm x 22cm x 21mm 8kg

Technical Specifications

Resolution: 1 micro Gal
Standard Deviation: < 5 Micro Gal
Residual drift: 0.02 milliGal/day
Ambient Temperature Coefficient: 0.2 microGal/˚C
Pressure Coefficient: 0.15 microGal/ kPa
Magnetic Field Coefficient: 1 microGal/Gauss
Sensor Type: Fused quartz using electrostatic nulling
Range of automatic tilt compensation: +/- 200 arc.sec
GPS Accuracy: Standard: <15m; DGPS (SBAS) <3m
Remote trigger: Up to 30m range
Memory: 1 M Byte
Data I/O port: USB memory stick, USB or Serial
Display: 1/4 VGA 320 x 240 pixels
Power: 2 x 6Ah (10.8V) rechargeable Lithium Smart Batteries
Operating temperature range: - 40°C to + 45°C
Automated compensations: Temperature Instrument tilt Tide, Noisy sample Seismic noise filter
Operating range: 8000 mGal without re-setting


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Case 1
CG-5 instrument with all accessories
75cm x 75cm x 75cm 35kg
Shipping Notes:

All CG-5 transit cases will be strapped to a standard sized pallet for shipping. This helps to ensure the instrument is handled correctly during shipping.

It is common for the CG-5 batteries to fully deplete when shipped overseas via courier, to avoid this we recommend hand carrying the equipment on a commercial flight. Geomatrix will support any costumer who wishes to transport a CG-5 in this manner by delivering the instrument to Luton Airport.