GroundVue 250
from Utsi Electronics

The GroundVue250 is an affordable stand-a-lone 250MHz GPR system. With built in internal electronics and wireless connectivity the GroundVue250 utilises modern A/D digitisers for improved signal to noise – up to 30dB additional stacking gain.

GroundVue250 Rear Connector Panel

Weighing less than 7kg the system is light and portable for deploying in remote difficult to access locations. An internal GPS chip time stamps each record and can be used for data quality control – for instance confirming the heading of each traverse. An external GPS, RTK GPS or total station can be integrated with the radar data for precise geospatial positioning.

A range of adaptable skids are available so that the same system can be used for either trolley or vehicle operation, for hand towing across rough ground, or for lightweight structural investigations.

The Latest version of the GroundVue data acquisition software can be accessed from this link - GroundVue Software.

Product Dimensions

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
GroundVue 250 (instrument only) 72cm x 47cm x 42cm 7kg (excluding cart)

Technical Specifications

Number of Channels: 1
Transmitter pulse repetition rate: 1.5MHz
Digitisation: 16 bits
Time Sweep: 80ns (256 samples) 160ns (512 samples)
Scan Rate: Up to 1600 scans/sec
Connection: Wifi
Acquisition Software: Windows 10/8/7 or XP OS
Supported Formats: Utsi Electronics: .hrd RADAN: .dzt SEGY: .sgy
Triggering: Single TTL pulse.
Dual A/B inputs for directional information.
Self-trigger (continuous recording).
Power: Internal 12V Li Ion battery for 7 hours operation. External supply 12-13 VDC, 400 mA.
GPS: Internal SPS GPS precision.Records NMEA GPGGA &GNGAA sentence.
External GPS via serial RS232 or Bluetooth
Transmitter pulse: 1ns Pulse width, 20Volts
Processing software: ReflexW (Sandmeier) compatible
RoadDoctor compatible
Goodman’s GPR-Slice compatible

Data Sheet