GroundVue 6
from Utsi Electronics

The Groundvue 6 & 6C is inline towed antenna specifically designed for mapping sub-surface geological formations in harsh environments. Ideal for quick lithology investigations, identifying deep void structures or mineral exploration. When undertaking a simple common offset reflection survey the systems can be triggered to sample at a specific time interval and GPS positions are autonomously recorded.

GroundVue 6

Data is transferred via wireless network or Bluetooth (please specify on order) to a Windows OS device. The intuitive and user interface means data acquisition is simple and quick.

The GV6 & 6c do not require a reference cable between the transmitter and receiver, the receiver automatically synchronises to the transmitter. WARR records can be acquired by one operator in seconds by simply detaching the transmitter from the receiver and pulling the receiver away from the transmitter at a steady pace.

No reference cable means effortless CMP and WARR velocity calibrations

Unlike most other GPR systems the GV6 &6c are spread spectrum systems. This means that unlike Impulse systems- where an impulse is directly transmitted- a sequence of different pulses are transmitted which the receiver correlates in order to achieve a longer transmit pulse and higher mean transmit power, resulting in deeper penetration.

Now Dual Channel!

The GV6 is now supplied as a dual channel system where by the transmitter pulse alternates between a spread spectrum and standard impulse to produce two GRP records. Channel 1 is the traditional spread spectrum record for deep geological and mineral delineation. Channel 2 is the impulse record providing near surface shallow stratigraphic information.

The GV6 &6c antenna are low frequency and unshielded, therefore users will need to check if there are any national or local restrictions which may prohibit their use. In many cases the local communications regulator will need to be notified when and where a survey is to take place. For use in the UK a Non- Operational Licence Application Form (OfW 225) must be submitted with Ofcom. Please contact Geomatrix for further information.

The Latest version of the GroundVue data acquisition software can be accessed from this link - GroundVue Software.

Product Dimensions

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
GroundVue 6 (instrument only) 16m x 7cm x 7cm 15kg

Technical Specifications

Antenna: Resistively loaded wire dipoles.
Antenna Bandwidth: 7MHz to 30MHz
15MHz to 60MHz
Channels: Signal - Spread Spectrum
Dual - Spread Spectrum & Impulse
Record Length: 1.6us
Trace Interval: Continuous sampling, 5 scans per second.
Pulse Repetition Frequency: 150kHz
Stacking: Automatic real time stacking of 7500 traces.
Samples: 256 samples per trace.
Data Format: Utsi Electronics: .hrd
RADAN: .dzt
SEGY: .sgy
Frequency Response: 3MHz to 80MHz
Data Storage: Hard Drive or solid state memory
Data Transfer: Bluetooth or WiFi link
GPS: Will integrate External GPS NMEA GGA sentence through RS232 comm. Port or USB on data logger.
Power Supply: 6 Ah Internal Li-Ion battery, offering 15 hours operating time.
Output Voltage: 100V
Laptop/Tablet requirements: Windows 7,8 or 10.
WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity
Input for GPS via USB or RS232 com port


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Case 1
GV6 or 6C system
70cm x 40cm x 40cm 25kg