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Portable Caesium Magnetometer and Professional Magnetic Mapping System the G-859 Mineing Mag uses a graphical interface to make survey design and data acquisition quick and efficient. Various modes of operation allow the user to custom design a survey grid for their particular needs.

Kevin modelling the G-859 with integrated GPS. Image courtesy of Geometrics Inc.
Kevin modelling the G-859 with integrated GPS. Image courtesy of Geometrics Inc.

A Professional Magnetic Mapping System for Minerals, Petroleum and Geologic Surveys


  • Excellent Performance: Low Noise/High Sensitivity, best in the industry – 0.008nT/Hz RMS – and worldwide operation.
  • Very Fast – Log mag and GPS at up to 5 samples per second for economic large area surveys at high sample density.
  • Integrated GPS/Backpack – Includes non-magnetic backpack and Tallysman™ WAAS / EGNOS ready GPS.
  • Low AC Field Interference – Best in the industry for rejecting AC power line grid noise (50/60 Hz).
  • Easy-to-use – Simple setup and rapid in-field map generation with free MagMap2000™ software.
  • Reliability – Geometrics Cesium sensors never need calibration or factory realignment. Designed for extreme ruggedness and reliability.
  • Designed for large surveys mining/oil/gas, this versatile tool is specially designed for large area surveys with 8 hr data storage capacity and two 6 hr battery packs.

The G-859 is hands free data acquisition solution. A base station magnetometer can be established at the beginning of the day leaving the operator free to survey, traversing over the roughest of terrain in order to locate magnetic anomalies which could indicate the presence of Iron ore bodies (Haematite), Kimberlite or Paleoplacers.

Setup cannot be any simpler; connect magnetometer and GPS and power the system, finally select Simple Survey and roam the landscape.

The GPS system supplied with the G-859 has been modified to minimise its magnetic signature and maintain the low heading errors customers have come to expect from Geometrics Caesium magnetometers.

Product Dimensions

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
G-859AP (instrument only) 40cm x 60cm x 220cm 8kg

Technical Specifications

Operating Range: 20,000nT to 100,000nT
Noise: <0.008nT√Hz-RMS
Heading Error: 1.5nT including backpack and GPS
Gradient Tolerance:: >20,000nT/m
Temperature Drift: <0.05nT per ºC
Cycle rate: 0.1sec to 1hr
Data Storage: Non-volatile RAM, suitable for 12 hours continuous data acquisition
Communication: RS232 serial
Power: 24V DC recharganle Gel Cell batteries.
6 hours operation as Magnetometer and GPS.
Operating modes: - mapped survey
- Simple survey
- Base Station
- Search
Operating Temperature: -25ºC to +50ºC
Warranty: 2 YEARS on G-859AP and sensor, one year on accessories.