160-03 Aftershock
from RefTek - A Trimble Band

The RefTek model 160-03 aftershock system is purposefully designed six channel recorder with three 2Hz seismometers and Triaxial MEMS accelerometer. The instrument is self-contained with an integral low power 24 bit analog to digital converter, power source and sensor array. Capable of rapid deployment the 160-03 is ideal for monitoring aftershocks within hours of the main earthquake, providing valuable information which national strong motion stations are unable to detect.

The 160-03 combines both waek and strong motion recording into one easy package. Image courtesy of Ref Tek, a Trimble Brand.
The 160-03 combines both waek and strong motion recording into one easy package. Image courtesy of Ref Tek, a Trimble Brand.

The combination of seismometer and MEMS triaxial accelerometer makes the 160-03 ideal for weak and strong motion recording, bridging the gap between traditional permanent monitoring installations and portable instrumentation.

The low power analogue to digital CPU enables this system to operate for up to 7 days on its internal Li-Ion battery pack (recording 3 channels at 200sps) . With such low power requirements the system can be sustained indefinitely from a solar panel.

Measurements are stored directly to USB flash memory, which makes data download quick and easy. For station operation verification, the customer is able to display real-time data acquired by the 160-03 using the iFSC Controller connected to the system via wireless (Wi-Fi) communication.

Aftershock study provides practical information for local authorities regarding the post earthquake activity, which is very important in order to conduct the necessary actions for public safety. The 160-03 meets the critical requirements for rapid aftershock mobilisation.

Product Dimensions

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
160-03 Aftershock (instrument only) 21.9cm x 21.9cm x 20.3cm 5.3kg

Technical Specifications

Channels: 6
(3 2Hz seismometers, and a Triaxial MEMS accelerometer)
A/D Conversion: Delta-Sigma ModulaƟon, 24-bit Output ResoluƟon
Dynamic Range: >137 dB @ 100 sps
Input Impedance: Matched to Sensor
Sample Rates: 200 sps default; 100, 250, 500 sps optional.
Time Synchronisation: GPS Receiver/Clock plus a Disciplined Oscillator.
Time Accuracy: GPS - ±10 μsec after Validated 3-D Fix & Locked.
Free running- 0.1 ppm over the temperature range of 0° to 70°C, and 0.2 ppm from -20° to 0°C
Communication: WiFi- 1802.11 b/g wireless real-Ɵme data monitoring .
Memory: USB Flash (up to 8 GB)
Accelerometer: 3-Component Orthogonal MEMS.
Full scale ±4g.
Frequency response 45Hz.
Seismometer: Moving coil/Mass 2Hz natural frequency.