Smartseis ST
from Geometrics

The SmartSeis™ ST is a high-performance exploration seismic system in a compact, weatherproof chassis. The SmartSeis ST can operate as a stand-alone seismic recorder running off 12 volts DC with 12,16 or 24 internal channels and includes user interface, data storage and printer in one compact package.

SmartSmartSeis ST displaing shot record. Image courtesy of Geometrics Inc.
SmartSmartSeis ST displaing shot record. Image courtesy of Geometrics Inc.

Running under Windows, the SmartSeis ST has a large daylight visible screen and windows which display the following:

  • Shot interface showing all installed channels
  • Waterfall type noise monitor, and excellent QC tool for eliminating noise and isolating bad channels
  • Log file, a display of a text file showing all parameter changes and saved records from the current survey
  • Tool bar, shows all active channels, gain status, battery status, frozen channels, location of all geophones and shot point

The standard SmartSeis ST has 4k record lengths and sample rates from 62µSec to 2 mSec making it ideal for refraction studies, MASW and crosshole surveys. For Microtremmor analysis (MAM) we also offer record lengths to 64K and SeisImager SW 1D or 2D MASW analysis software as options.

The SmartSeis ST system comes standard with the data analysis software you need to do comprehensive refraction surveys (SeisImager2D Lite). As an option, you can add the capability to analyse surface wave data to determine Vs (SeisImagerSW). Geometrics also offers special pricing for multiple licenses of data analysis software so field crews or students can have their own copies. Or add the downhole module (SeisImagerDH).

If you are a geoscientist doing teaching or research, or need a basic exploration seismograph to find bedrock or determine IBC Vs30 site class, the next SmartSeis ST is for you.

Product Dimensions

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Smartseis ST (instrument only) 26cm x 46cm x 36cm 11.4kg

Technical Specifications

Channels: 3, 6, 8, 12, 16 or 24


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Typical 24 channel refraction system.
71cm x 50cm x 40cm 45kg