GeoEel- Liquid
from Geometrics

The GEOEEL series of digital towed hydrophone streamers are the first small diameter arrays with the performance of larger systems. With a diameter of only 41mm, the GEOEEL-Liquid is easy to deploy, easy to transport and largely immune from the noise, leakage and ground loops that plague the installation of analog streamers in a marine environment.

Inspecting GeoEel A/D can.
Inspecting GeoEel A/D can.


  • Configurable with up to 240 channels
  • Digital Streamer Means Better Quality Data, Less Time Deploying System
  • Comparable In Price To Analog Systems
  • Light Weight, Easy To Deploy On Small Boats
  • 2 ms to 1/8 ms Sampling Means Suitability For More Kinds of Surveys
  • 24-Bit, 110 dB Dynamic Range
  • Automatic Configuration and Fully Self-Testing
  • Small Diameter (41 mm, 1.6”) Means Easy Deployment by Hand or With Small Winches
  • Easily Shippable, No Special Environmental Requirements, Filled with Inert Silicon Oil
  • Rugged, 1/8” Wall Thickness, Can Be Used As Bay Cable, Transition Zones
  • Multiple Streamer Configuration
  • Works with Standard Birds
  • Uses Geometrics CNT-1 PC Controller
  • Separate Windows Display Shots, Gathers, Trigger Timing, Noise, Gun Energy, Tape Status, Alarms
  • Real-Time Brute Stack
  • Multiple Storage Devices
  • Integrates Data from Sources, Nav, Birds
  • Drives Multiple Printers

The GEOEEL-Liquid is filled with inert silicon oil which makes it environmentally safe. Thick 1/8” abrasion resistant polyurethane keeps the streamer extremely rugged but still flexible enough to deploy by hand or mount on small winches. Also the GEOEEL-Liquid is easy to repair – no fragile fiber optics to break or go bad.

Sampling intervals of 2 ms to 1/8 ms make the GEOEEL-Liquid suitable for deep petroleum, high-resolution engineering surveys or even sub-bottom profiling. Near-zero dead time makes surveys fast and efficient. A built-in digitally controlled oscillator provides calibration test signals for each channel. Other tests include noise, offset, pulse test, timing, leakage and capacitance of hydrophone elements.

The GEOEEL-Liquid transmits data via fast Ethernet to Geometrics CNT-1 controller, running field-proven software that is used on over 40 vessels today. And the GEOEEL-Liquid is entirely built by Geometrics, known for over 30 years as an industry leader in rugged, reliable and well-supported instrumentation.

Suitable for wide range of surveys from Oil and Gas, Gas Hydrates and High-resolution engineering surveys.

Product Dimensions

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
GeoEel- Liquid (instrument only) depends on group interval x 41mm x 41mm 135kg/ 100m

Technical Specifications

A/D Converter Modules:
Channels: 8 per A/D module.
Sample intervals: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2 ms
Bandwidth: 5 Hz to 3 KHz
Programmable gain: 0 dB, 8 dB, 18 dB, 30 dB, 42 dB
Anti-alias filter: Set by sample interval, down 135 dB at stop-band.
Maximum input range: 1.59Vrms
Resolution: 24 bits including sign.
Dynamic range: 120dB Typical @ 1ms
Record length: Up to 32,768 samples.
Continuous recording mode: Available, with GPS synchronization.
QC tests: Leakage and capacitance of hydrophone elements, noise, offset, harmonic distortion and gain similarity.
Hydrophone Sections:
Number of channels: 8 per section.
Hydrophones per group: 4-6 (typical; up to 12 upon request)
Group Inverval: Typically 1.5625, 3.125, 6.25, or 12.5m.
Hydrophone Type: Benthos RDA Geopoint, or AQ-1.
Jacket Material: Clear polyurethane, 70 Duro, 3.18mm (1/8 inch) wall thickness.
Ballast Fluid: Inert, non-polluting silicon oil, 100 cSt.
Break Strength: 2200 kg, Vectran strain members.
Minimum Bend Radius: 75 cm.
Compass/Bird Coil: IO Model 587.
Integrated Depth Transducer: One Per Section, Readings Integrated With Data.

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