from Iris Instruments

The FieldView software displays measurements recorded by the Syscal Switch range of Resistivity and Induced Polarisation meters as they are acquired, and graphically displays the data to aid field engineers to easily identify, and rectify any potential sources of noise.

Data visualisation tools offered by the FieldView software for aiding data quality control during data acquisition. Courtesy of Iris Instruments.

The progress screen indicates the how many quadrupoles have been recorded and which electrodes are in use. When used in conjunction with the bilog scatter display it is easy to identify rouge data points- or electrodes- pause the survey and resolve the issue. Or if preferred a real time pseudo-section can be displayed.

FieldView will run on a standard tablet/Laptop running Windows XP-10. Data is transferred from the Syscal meter via USB and data can be stored on either the instrument or tablet/laptop.

Technical Specifications

Communication: USB
Operating System (OS): Windows XP-10
Processor: 1 GHz minimum
RAM Memory: 1Gb

Data Sheet