from Sandmeier

The program Reflex 2D-Quick allows an easy import, display, processing and interpretation of 2-dimensional Ground Penetrating Radar zero offset and seismic single shot data (click on the datatype for a video guide) . The program is free for Reflexw 2D-data analysis users but it can also be ordered as a low cost standalone processing tool (see order button). The program offers the following possibilities:

2D radargram with operators interpretation.


  • Direct import from different formats.
  • Easy change of the distance scaling and the geometry.
  • Standard processing with predefined default parameters which can be manually changed.
  • Different display possibilities like point or wiggle mode, scaling and zooming functions.
  • Printing the profiles with free scaling.
  • Interactive velocity adaptation for zero-offset, single shot. (reflection and refraction) or VSP data.
  • Picking the onsets and combine the picked phases to a layer model.
  • Export the data to other formats like SEGY, SEG2.
  • It is possible to start the program twice for a comparison of two different datasets. Consequently, you are also able to compare a processed dataset with the original dataset.