We will be at several conferences, events and shows throughout the year.
Please see details below of the events we are confirmed to attend.

Use of the deep subsurface in the UK: what are the Implications for groundwater resources?

11 July 12 July 2018

Geomatrix will be sponsoring this two day event which explores the future management strategies and technologies which will be required to ensure groundwater resources are not contaminated through the extraction of minerals or the storage of waste material.

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EAGE Near Surface

9 September 13 September 2018

The 24th European meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics is a well attended event focusing on near surface geophysical methods and practices.

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Marine Measurement Forum 62

16 October 2018

The Marine Measurement Forum is a series of one-day, non-profit making events that provides opportunities for the informal exchange of ideas, knowledge, techniques, and developments across an extensive range of marine scientific measurement activities. Geomatrix and Geosoft are teaming up to present a paper on the common pits falls encountered when inverting marine magnetic anomalies.

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Borehole Users Conference 2018

26 October 8 November 2018

This events bring together hydrologist, geologists and geophysicists to assess the future UK water requirements.

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Advances in Archaeological Geophysics & Criminal & Environmental Forensics conference

4 December 5 December 2018

The bi-annual meeting presents the latest projects and developments in the Archaeological Geophysical and Criminal & Environmental Forensics industry with papers by academics and commercial operators. The event draws an international audience and always delivers great topical discussions.

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