Maintaining control over equipment and field procedures during a geophysical survey can easily be overlooked. The checklists listed are an easy means to implement quality control checks into any scale geophysical survey.

Please refer back to this web page regularly as Geomatrix Earth Science intend to add checklists for other instrumentation.

DGM QC Guidance Manual

The checklists were originally developed by NAEVA Geophysical Inc as part of the Digital Geophysical Mapping (DGM) QC Guidance Manual for the US Army Corps of Engineers to aid with quality control when conducting geophysical surveys for identifying Unexploded Ordinance (UXO). The full DGM QC Guidance Manual and Military Munitions Response Actions are available to download below.

DGM QC Guidance Manual (2003) ( PDF 2MB )

Military Munitions Response Actions (2007) ( PDF 2MB )

In accordance with the mantra of the DGM QC Guidance Manual Geomatrix Earth Science has contributed to their legacy by modifying and adapting the checklists in order to broaden their application and make them more applicable to all geophysical surveys.

Geomatrix Earth Science would like to thank NAEVA Geophysics Inc for permitting us to modify and host the DGM QC Guidance Checklists.