Quality Control

Geomatrix Earth Science is pleased to announce that we now offer a formal Quality Control (QC) service for our CG6 AutoGrav rental customers.

Close up of CG5
Close up of CG5

Here at Geomatrix we take pride in making sure that all of our CG6 gravity meters leave the building performing to the specifications outlined by the manufacturer. However once the instrument leaves our office it is down to the customer to monitor the performance of the instrument and adjust the instrument settings accordingly.

If the wrong parameters are mistakenly input into the instrument whole areas may need to be resurveyed, which can be very costly. To help our customers ensure the performance of the instrument is maintained throughout their survey we now offer a CG6 quality control service. For a small fee we will analyse the raw data file to determine the performance of the instrument. This exercise can be commissioned at various times throughout the rental in order to guarantee the instrument performs to the same standard as when it was received.

The service looks to:

  • Ensure the correct instrument parameters are being used for the survey.
  • Monitor correction coefficients and ensure that they are properly maintained.
  • Assess of the instruments performance throughout the survey and monitor how the instrument performs from start to finish.

Contact us for more information

Please contact us if you want more information regarding our Quality Control services.

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