Seismic Geophysical Land Products

Seismology can be divided in to three main categories, Exploration, Downhole/Crosshole and Monitoring which includes earthquake seismology. Geomatrix can provide a range of excellent seismographs, seismic sources and accessories to meet all field requirements.

Exploration Seismology:

Seismic surveying is one of the most effective ways to explore rock and subsoil. It is ideal for finding groundwater, oil and useful minerals. We can offer Geodes in combinations up to 240 channels. Common applications include:

  • Depth to Bedrock
  • Site Investigation
  • Geotechnical Properties
  • Groundwater Exploration
  • Hydrocarbon and Coal Exploration

Downhole and Crosshole Exploration Seismic Applications:

By locating the receiver(s), and in some cases the source, in a borehole it is possible to measure subsurface elastic properties with greater definition; largely due to the increased number of observations with depth, but also because the electric wave does not always propagate through multiple layers, leading to improved ground models. As a result the application of downhole and crosshole seismic techniques is extensive;

  • Direct measurement of Shear wave velocities, both SH and SV.
  • Direct measurement of P Wave velocities.
  • Vertical seismic profiling
  • Tube wave measurements

Seismic Monitoring:

Geomatrix is the UK representatives for Reftek, a brand of Trimble, who specialise in recording instruments for earthquake seismicity and can be used in standalone mode or part of a network of recorders. Reftek products have applications in regional seismic studies, Aftershock recording, Active source crustal studies, Micro-zonation and site noise surveys.

Vibration Monitoring:

For hire only, we offer the CM2 vibration monitor from Magus Electronics.