Use of the deep subsurface in the UK: what are the Implications for groundwater resources?

11 July 12 July 2018

This two day event explores the future management strategies and technologies which will be required to ensure groundwater resources are not contaminated through the extraction of minerals or the storage of waste material. Themes include;

  • Characterisation — of deep groundwater systems and pathways to shallower groundwater, aquifers and groundwater-dependent surface environments,
  • Flow and transport — understanding of flow and transport processes in deep groundwater systems and along migration pathways,
  • Environmental risks and impacts — including cumulative impacts on groundwater quality and quantity, from the development of deep sub-surface resources or storage,
  • Policy challenges — legislation, regulation and planning in relation to deep groundwater systems and activities, and
  • Communication and engagement — how can we better communicate risks and foster improved engagement with communities affected by use of the deep subsurface.

Event Location

Burlington House, 0BG, Piccadilly, London

Burlington House, 0BG, Piccadilly, London

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