Passive Seismic Course 2022

27 September 28 September 2022

Course Description

The course aims to highlight the contribution of passive seismics within the near-surface ground engineering and exploration industry.

The course will include discussion of passive surface wave theory and methods using the wireless Atom seismic system, manufactured by Geometrics, Inc. The differences and similarities between active and passive seismics will be discussed, and how passive surface wave/ambient noise tomographic data can be used to quickly estimate 1D/2D/3D Vs structures over a range of depths, up to 100+ meters.

Also to be provided are numerical and field examples to demonstrate how data are analysed and modelled using 2D and 3D inversion software (SeisImager/SW using SPAC).

The course will be hosted by Dr. Koichi Hayashi, who is a Senior Technical manager at OYO Corporation/Geometrics, Inc., along with other affiliates from Geometrics and Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd. Dr. Hayashi has over 28 years of research experience in geophysics and has looked at seismic refraction, active/passive surface waves, finite-difference seismic modelling, and travel-time inversion in order to write a number of data analysis suites and develop the SeisImager software.

Course Itinerary

Day 1.

Morning Session
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Passive Surface Waves and Ambient Noise Tomography 1D/2D/3D investigation.
  • Field Methods and Data Acquisition

. Lunch

Afternoon Session
  • Field Session Using Atom
  • Demonstration of the Atom data harvesting and pre-processing

Day 2.

Morning Session
  • Overview of data processing using SeisImager/SW
  • Data processing using SeisImager/SW (attendees use their PC)
    • Select of Common Time Blocks (CTBs)
    • Calculating active/passive dispersion curves
    • Vs modelling and inversion
  • Lunch
Afternoon Session
  • Application examples and case histories
  • Ambient noise measurement for Smart Cities/Smart Nations

Course Instructors

Dr. Koichi Hayashi BSc, MSc, PhD
OYO Corporation/Geometrics, Inc.

Other Affiliates

  • Deborah Underwood
    Geometrics, Inc.
  • Chris Leech, Matt Guy & Anna-Marie Jones
    Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd

Course Location

The course will be held at Leighton Buzzard Rugby Club

Leighton Buzzard Rugby Club
Wrights Meadow,
Leighton Road,

From 9:00am - 17:00pm on both days


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