Syscal Monitoring Unit (SMU)
from Iris Instruments

The Syscal monitoring Unit is an automated system designed to allow the operator to remotely manage the recharging of the Syscal Pro transmitter and receiver batteries during a monitoring survey. The SMU connects the Rx and Tx batteries to an alternative source of power (solar panel, wind turbine, isolated charger, ethanol fuel cell) when the Syscal is not acquiring. During the acquisition, the external power supply is remotley disconnected from the Tx and Rx batteries to avoid any leak of current that would perturbate the measurements.

Syscal Monitoring Unit (SMU). Interfaces the Syscal Pro with the outside world.


  • An independent programmer that must be programmed on site
  • A automated system activated by the programmer that can be accessed and programmed remotely from a webpage (4G, Wifi, Ethernet)


  • Change the time of acquisition
  • Upload sequences to the Syscal Pro from your office
  • Choose to receive alerts (low Tx battery, too much erroneous measurements, problem to download the data) to an email account.
  • Program the SMU to automatically upload datasets to a FTP or SSH server.
SMU schematic diagram illustrating how the unit is installed.
SMU schematic diagram illustrating how the unit is installed.


Shipping Notes:

No Li-ion Battery