Syscal Terra
from Iris Instruments

The Syscal Terra is the new generation and redesigned model of the Syscal Electrical resistivity meters. Its lightweight, modern and robust design makes it ideal for use in the field for easy data acquisition and deployment. The high power (up to 10000 V) unit has a large built in colour touchscreen display along with the manual keypad, for easier menu navigation and data visualisation. There is an option to upload your sequence files generated in elecre pro via a USB pen drive or over WIFI which promotes simpler acquisition and reduces time spent setting up the acquisition parameters in the field.

Fig 1. Top View of the Syscal terra unit including the colour display, keypad and ports (Image courteously provided by Iris Instruments)
Fig 1. Top View of the Syscal terra unit including the colour display, keypad and ports (Image courteously provided by Iris Instruments)

The system uses 20 measurement channels, enabling faster runtimes to acquire Resistivity and Induced Polarisation (IP) data with improved resolution at deeper penetration depths; Both the IP and the resistivity measurements are collected in the “On time” injection cycle reducing the sampling time. Multiple Wenner-Schlumberger reciprocal or dipole-dipole configurations can be measured with the unit, useful when acquiring 3D datasets.

The system also enables the user to run a full waveform analysis during the whole injection cycle which helps reduce noise and can enable time and frequency domain analysis, with the IP data (needs the Full waveform module enabled). The timeseries analysis also allows the user to record the voltage and current in order to determine the phase shift on important harmonic frequencies.

The unit runs on Li batteries which are stored in a lower compartment on the unit and can be easily removed, ideal for when transporting the goods internationally/ by courier. The LI batteries can then be stored in cabin baggage during transport, alternatively, both the Tx and Rx can be powered by external batteries in the field (12V car batteries).

The unit also enables the user to check system functionality with built in test procedures and test plugs to check the Rx, Tx, Switching boards and test the external battery.

The Terra can communicate/connect to other Terra units over WIFI, enabling the user to purchase/rent multiple units in to acquire data over vast distances. If there is an obstruction in your surveying area such as a road or river, each terra unit with their imaging cables can be laid out either side of the obstruction and set to record data under one unique sequence, one unit is injecting whilst the other units are measuring (connected via WIFI).

As with all Syscal systems the data can be quality checked and filtered using Prosys III before being post processed in a software package such as Res2DInv or Res3DInv.



Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
1 x Transit Case
Syscal Terra and Accessories including Clip leads
38 cm x 30 cm x 58 cm 27 kg
1 x Small Pallet
4 x Resistivity Imaging Cables on Reels
81 cm x 55 cm x 68 cm 100 kg (total weight, approx. 30kg each reel)
2 x Small Transit Cases
Stainless Steel Electrodes
25 cm x 11 cm x 39 cm (each) 46kg (total weight, 23kg for each case)
Shipping Notes:

For international shipments we will ship without any LI batteries

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