Crossover1760 (CO1760)
from ImpulseRadar

Part of the Crossover series, the Crossover1760 is a dual channel GPR system which uses a 170MHZ low and a 600 MHZ high frequency antenna. As standard, it comes as a dual channel, however depending on the operators requirements the system can be configured to single channel and used as either a high frequency or a low frequency system. If the user chooses to have the system as standard, the GPR can obtain data from two depth ranges using the two frequency antenna (approx. 3m & 10m depth in the UK under good ground conditions). The data is acquired simultaneously using real time sampling for quick and accurate results allowing the operator to identify, locate and mark targets in good time.

Its middle range antenna frequencies allow the operator to apply/ use the ground penetrating radar system in a variety of environmental, archaeological, UXO and civil projects. Used to image the near surface at high resolutions, at a medium depth range. Similar to the C0480 the CO1760 is available in a cart and sled configuration, enabling the user to access restricted, uneven terrain and other surface types, whilst maintaining an easy to use comfortable design which you can transport and adjust in the field.

The system connects remotely via WIFI to an android device/ tablet which has the viewpoint software installed (freely available) removing the need for extra cabling which speeds up and aids the in- field set up process. The system has its own internal GPS system for the PPS signal, an external GPS can then be connected to the system to obtain more accurate measurement points, for example an RTK system which outputs a NEMA GGA string.

Fig.1 Depicts all of the components of the CO1760 in the cart/push configuration. (Image courteously provided by Impulse Radar)
Fig.1 Depicts all of the components of the CO1760 in the cart/push configuration. (Image courteously provided by Impulse Radar)


. RTS- Based Technology

. Dual-Channel (LF and HF)

. Android driven logger/interface

. Wireless data collection & Internal data security

. Integrated GPS

. 7 Hour Battery life with no survey speed limits

Typical Applications

. Archaeology . Environmental Assessment . Forensics . Geological investigation (e.g. lithostratigraphic mapping) . Military or Forensic use . UXO and deep utility detection


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Cart, Antenna and Display 920 mm x 640 mm x 390 mm 25.7 kg
Antenna Sled/ Pulling Arrangement 695 mm x 445 mm x 205 mm 9.5 kg (inc battery)
Shipping Notes:

Contains Li-Batteries


How do I download my ImpulseRadar Viewpoint files from my Android device?

In August 2022, Android released version 13 of their operating system. New data security measures restrict access to folders/files apps can open from the device memory, this includes the file explorer app supplied with the Android installation. Single Line and Multi Line Project folders can exported through the VeiwPoint application.

1) Open the ViewPoint App 2) Press the [Folder] icon 3) Navigate to the Single or Multi line project folder to be downloaded 4) Press and hold on the project folder until the sub menu opens with the options Send, Zip and Delete. 5) Zip the project folder 6) Press and hold on the Zipped project folder until the sub menu opens. 7) Press [Send] 8) Choose the path you want to send the Zipped folder to. this could be an Expernal USD memory drive or cloud storage.