MSP Sledge
from Geomatrix

As geophysical instrument manufacturers incorporate the ability to transmit measurements in real time to external media devices it is becoming easier to mount these instruments onto platforms designed to be towed by a vehicle, ultimately increasing productivity. However, due to the stresses exerted by towing, few offer a durable platform which does not have a geophysical signature.

The Geomatrix Multi Sensor Platform (MSP) is a versatile nonmagnetic, nonconductive sledge designed to provide a stable platform for acquiring geophysical data.

Sledge with tow turret and runners.
Sledge with tow turret and runners.

The platform comprises of two fibreglass hulls which ride smoothly over uneven ground minimising the egress of noise into recorded data. The fibreglass hulls are designed to be light but durable with nylon skids to resist abrasive wear. The skids are easily replaceable keeping maintenance costs to a minimum. The hulls are connected by two fibreboard decks held in place with nylon bolts. The decks are manufactured with a regular grid of bolt holes allowing customers to mount a variety of complimentary geophysical instrumentation to the sledge. The decks offer a total area of 2.50m2 for mounting equipment. For ideas on what equipment has previously been mounted onto this platform please see our Multi Sensor Platforms page. The distance between the decks are able to be varied from 0-400mm allowing the operator to adjust the weight distribution across the length of the hulls in order to minimise excessive localised wear on the skids, as well as compensate for lateral forces caused by uneven friction across the skids (crabbing).

Each deck has an 80mm hole at the centre to fit a tow turret. The location of the tow turret distributes the towing force near the centre of the sledge reducing the amount of stress transferred to the hulls and dampening any change in weight distribution caused by the independent movement of the tow vehicle. The tow turret has a subsidiary function as a GPS receiver mount. For instruments which require significant offsets between components (i.e. the Geonics EM34-3) two platforms can be towed inline by installing a second tow turret on the rear deck.

Product Break Down

  • 2 hulls (with fitted skids).
  • 2 fibreboard decks.
  • Nylon bolts, washers and nuts.
  • 1 tow turret.
  • Pack of spares.
  • Construction manual.

For further information on the potential applications of the Geomatrix Multi Sensor Platform please contact us.

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