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The Wrangler is the latest high dynamic range broadband seismograph for permanent or temporary strong motion measurements. Consisting of the latest low noise A/D technology the Wrangler offers 32-bit performance and a dynamic range greater than 142dB. With a modern web browser user interface, accessed through the inbuilt wireless modem, simply connect to the unit and view the configuration and status of the unit through any web browser, and always know your data is securely backed up on the non-volatile flash memory.

For longer period operations the Wrangler can be configured with Seedlink server enabling data to be analysed seamlessly. Alternatively, when real-time information is is key, data can be sent via RTPD offering low latency telemetry for earthquake early warning.

Wrangler connectors, image courtesy of RefTek, a Trimble Brand
Wrangler connectors, image courtesy of RefTek, a Trimble Brand

The simple LED status indicator lights, provide operators clear indication of the instrument status and the rugged compact IP68 housing the confidence the system can cope with the all environments.

Data Sheet

Application Notes

Earthquake Early Warning
Local and regional broadband seismic networks
Induced seismicity monitoring
Aftershock and portable deployments
Microzonation surveys
Site noise surveys