Syscal Pro Deep Marine
from Iris Instruments

In fresh water environments the standard Syscal Pro can be used for marine resistivity profiling however in highly conductive environments the instruments a modified variant with higher current output is required.

Syscal Pro Deep Marine console (image courtesy of Iris Instruments)
Syscal Pro Deep Marine console (image courtesy of Iris Instruments)

Thanks to its 10 reception channels the Syscal Pro allows simultaneous collection of 10 resistivity data points corresponding to 10 depth levels.

The short current injection time allows recording of a set of 10 resistivity’s at about every 2 seconds; this makes this tool very efficient for this type of survey.

A ruggedised streamer with 13 graphite takeouts can be supplied. Typical electrode spacings are 5, 10 and 15m. Depending on the depth of the water column the streamer can either be floated near the water’s surface for submerged near the seabed.

GPS systems can be directly connected to the SYSCAL Pro unit thanks to a serial/USB data port; thus, the position of the electrodes for each measurement point will be known accurately. Specific GPS also offer an echo sounder transducer which can be directly connected to the PC; in that case, the software will integrate the resistivity data with the GPS coordinates and bathymetry.

The data, recorded by the SYSCAL Pro, are continuously transferred to a laptop by serial/USB communication. Simultaneously, the resistivity values are displayed in real time, numerically and graphically (2D section of resistivity).


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Case 1
Syscal Pro Deep Marine
52cm x 39cm x 46cm 24kg
Case 2
GPS, echo-sounder,Sysmar electronics
71cm x 46cm x 36cm 34kg
Case 3
Marine Resistivity streamer (15m electrode interval)
100cm x 66cm x 72cm 67kg
Case 4
100cm x 66cm x 86cm 29kg
Shipping Notes:

The system can be consolidated onto two pallets for shipping.

Note: A marine resistivity cable with 5m electrodes separation is also available.