G-882 Hardware Pack
from Geomatrix

The Geomatrix G-882 hardware pack includes all the essential consumable required to maintain a Geometrics G-882 magnetometer as well as commonly misplaced items and perishable items, for instance anodes.

G-882 Hardware Pack

The G-882 marine magnetometer is a highly sensitive scientific instrument designed to be deployed in harsh and corrosive marine environment to pressures of up to 4000 PSI (or 2750m). Correct and regular maintenance of the G-882 marine magnetometer is necessary to ensure the instrument performance is maintained, and reduce the risk of problems arising during surveying.

Hardware Pack Includes

  • Nose Locking cord
  • Anti-seize grease
  • Handle Anodes (left & Right)
  • Pencil Anode
  • Rear fin brass bolts (set of nine bolts)
  • Altimeter holder brass bolts (set of six)
  • Rear fin Collar bolts (set of 4)
  • Top cover clevis pins and cotter pins (set of two)
  • Long clevis pin
  • Short clevis pin
  • Two Cotter pins
  • Nose clamping bolt set (set of two)
  • Handle bolts, washers and nuts (set of three)

Price £315.00 (Excluding VAT and delivery)

Part Number: 52100-01 [Price Updated: Jan 2023]