Gradiometer Controller
from Geomatrix

The G-882 Gradiometer Controller was designed by Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd to specifically manage power distribution and data for an array of Geometrics G-882 marine magnetometers deployed on a gradiometer frame. This power and data solution permits a array of G-882 magnetometers to be deployed off a soft tow cable… no wire line or telemetry system required… and is perfect for shallow water small deployments.

Geomatrix Gradiometer Controller.
Geomatrix Gradiometer Controller.


  • Automatic Power and data management.
  • Controls up to 4 G882 marine magnetometers and one serial device.
  • Regulated 28V DC output at wet end.
  • Rack mountable.
  • Typically supplied with 150m soft tow cable and 20m deck lead.
  • High load soft tow cable with rugged polyethylene outer jacket, boasts a breaking strain of 2000kg.
  • Custom frame cabling.
  • No wet end electronics required.
  • Simplifies system diagnostics and trouble shooting.
  • Supplied in rugged transit case.

The distribution unit supports 3 data channels. By concatenating 2 G-882 magnetometers, and passing the data as a single sentence, the Gradiometer controller is capable of supporting 4 G-882 magnetometers and one other serial device. The third data channel offers the user the ability to record a frame mounted altimeter, gyro or responder. Power is automatically regulated by the specialised electronics ensuring a constant 28V DC is supplied to all devices.

The front panel LEDs indicate when data is being received by the G-882 magnetometers and the serial device, simplifying system fault diagnostics.


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Gradiometer Controller
47cm x 33cm x 33cm 10kg
Soft tow cable 300m
54cm x 54cm x 60cm 45kg