RM85 Resistance Meter
from Geoscan Research

The RM85 Resistance Meter is ideally suited or for rapid near surface area measurements. The instrument measures and records resistance vales which provide the operator the flexibility to deploy any conceivable quadrature array, then convert the data to resistivity during processing. The instrument also includes pre-programmed arrays for pole-pole, Double- Dipole, Wenner Schlumberger and Gradient.

RM85 console. Image courtesy of Geoscan Research.
RM85 console. Image courtesy of Geoscan Research.

The multiplexer allows the system to be programmed with up to 16 measurement configurations permitting both sequential depth measurements and parallel measurements to be recorded automatically.

Common accompanying accessories include the PA20 frame with a choice of 0.5m, 1m or 1.5m beam permitting various remote probe electrode separations, or parallel measurements for recording multiple traverses in one pass. The PA20 frame is supplied with a 50m remote probe cable, remote probes and jumper cables for connecting the remote electrodes to the RM85.

The RM85 Advanced offers a wider current range (from 0.1mA to 10mA) and a maximum output of 100V, to allow operation in areas with poor water retention in the topsoil or for shallow sounding measurements. A half current setting (Compliance Boost) allows the user to optimise signal to noise ratio against probe contact resistance.

Survey production can be enhanced even further through deploying the meter on the MSP25 four wheeled cart square array.

The enhanced system specifications and wide suite of accessories means the RM85 lends itself to a wide verity of near surface geophysical applications such as archaeological prospection, agricultural studies, environmental and engineering applications.


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
PA20 Frame and remote cable
125cm x 65cm x 20cm 33kg
RM85 console and cables
64cm x 44cm x 22cm 17kg
Ski tube
0.5m, 1m and 1.5m beam & 6 Electrodes
165cm x 60cm x 25cm 12kg