CMD Explorer
from GF Instruments

Geomatrix rents the CMD-Explorer from GF Instruments. The CMD Explorer is a multi receiver coil, EM conductivity instrument with receiver coils at 1.48m, 2.82m and 4.49m from the transmitter, in vertical dipole mode, this equates to effective depth penetrations of 2.3m, 4.2m and 6.7m respectively. In Phase (magnetic susceptibility) and Quadrature Phase (conductivity) readings can be made from all 3 dipoles simultaneously.

CMD Explorer survey up and down a slope integrating geospatial positions.
CMD Explorer survey up and down a slope integrating geospatial positions.

The CMD Explorer offers a simple user interface and serial/Bluetooth communications for integrating Geospatial positions from an external GPS system. The coil oriantation can be changed from vertical dipoles (Horizontal Co-Planer) to Horizontal dipoles (Vertical Co-planner) by rotating the probe tube through 90º.

Data can be downloaded directly to a USB flash drive or through a Windows OS software package. files downloaded to t USB flash drive can then be opened and converted to different formats using the Windows OS software package.

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Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
CMD Explorer system
132cm x 24cm x 35cm 23kg
DGPS system
82cm x 17cm x 17cm 5.5kg

Data Sheet


The CMD Explorer will not download data to my USB flash drive

Solution: The USB flash drive will need to be reformatted (FAT32).

Reason: The CMD controller is particular over what files are present on a USB flash drive. For instance if the USB has been used to download data from the CMD in the past and the files deleted off the USB then the CMD controller will most likely not be able to find the USB device when it is plugged into the download cable. The only option is to locate a USB flash drive that is recognised or reformate the USB flash drive you have to hand to clear any old files.