Mx Winch
from Mt Sopris

The MX winch series comprises of a motorised medium sized spool with integrated controller and can support 500m of single conductor wireline.

MX Winch deployment off a Drill Rig. Image courtesy of Mount Sopris Instruments.
MX Winch deployment off a Drill Rig. Image courtesy of Mount Sopris Instruments.

The four-quadrant motor speed controller enables the winch to sustain a constant bailing speed with varying loads. The winch can be supplied with varying types and gages of wirelines including coax, single and multi-conductor cables. A level wind mechanism automatically wraps the cable onto the drum and also includes a rotary encoder to track the amount of cable released. The MX winch can be fitted with the MATRIX or BBox console to offer a complete logging solution. The MX winch is supplied mounted within a rugged transit case for easy transportation or can be mounted within a vehicle.

As with all Mount Sopris winches the MX winch series can support all Mount Sopris and ALT borehole logging tools and many third party tools.

Product Dimensions

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Mx Winch (instrument only) 40.6cm x 52cm x 38.8cm 70kg (with 500m single conductor cable)

Technical Specifications

Motor: ¼ hp, SCR type
Controller: 4 Quadrant, with current limit.
Depth Encoder: BEI Model H20 (200 pulses/turn).
Wireline Tolerance: Supports Coaxial, Single and Multi- Conductor Wirelines.
Cable off-axis Tolerance: 10º left, 10º right, 12º down, 45º up
Speed Range: Low Gear: 9.14m/min 272kg load.
High Gear: 27.4m/min 113kg load.
Cable Capacity: 4MXA w/500m of 3.17mm dia. Cable: 70 kg
4MXB w/305m of 4.76mm dia. Cable: 98 kg
4MXC w/1000 m of 3.17mm dia. Cable: 105 kg
Temperature: -20 to 50 ºC
Load: 46kg.
Power: 600W @220V


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
MX Winch
66cm x 66cm x 61cm 70kg (with 500m single conductor cable)
Gamma Probe
144cm x 40cm x 27 25kg
Matrix Logger and tripod
50cm x 40cm x 30cm 25kg
Shipping Notes:

All items will be consolidated onto a standard pallet (100cm x 120cm x 80cm) 140kg.

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