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Mount Sopris MATRIX loggers are lightweight, portable digital geophysical loggers capable of all standard measurements on single conductor or 4 conductor wireline. Compatible with most winches presently on the market the MATRIX has become one of the leading loggers in the market.

The Mount Sopris /ALT MATRIX Console is a very versatile uphole electronics package designed to work with analogue and digital borehole tools. The MATRIX console can be supplied fitted to a MSI MX Series winch with ranging cable capacities from 500 - 1000 meters of standard single-conductor wirelines. This console can also be used with winches made by other vendors. Further information about available winches can be found on our Borehole winches page.

To view the array of borehole probes compatible with the MATRIX logger please refer to our Borehole Tools pages.

Matrix Logger installed onto MX Winch.
Matrix Logger installed onto MX Winch.

Key Features

  • Software configurable power supplies.
  • Real-time colour logs on your PC monitor using MATRIX software.
  • Support for many third party probes.
  • Dust, water, and shock-resistant case.
  • IP66 compliant components.
  • Universally-configured depth-measuring system.
  • Works with digital and analogue tools. FSK and PCM telemetry schemes.
  • Stand-alone depth/speed/tension display.
  • Optional rack-mount package available.
  • Automatic telemetry adjustment to accommodate common wireline lengths and configurations.
  • Control winch via MATRIX software.

The MATRIX console is controlled using the LoggerSuite software operating on Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP operating systems, both 32-bit or 64-bit. LoggeSuite software offers an intuitive user interface with colour graphical real time log display to optimise visualisation of vital information required for data Browser windows are used for real time data monitoring and offer a wide choice display and printing options for conventional curves, full wave form sonic traces, acoustic and optical borehole images.

A WYSIWYG header editor is available to provide sophisticated log headers with graphics. Special processors for acoustic velocity picking, spectral gamma display and stacking, and application of complex algorithms for real-time compensated density are included with the MATRIX software package. LoggerSuite offers a real time connection to the WellCAD v5.2 data processing platform enabling the user to apply templates, compare currently logged data with reference / repeat data or run processes. QA / QC tasks, data preprocessing and field interpretation can be executed on incoming data.

The Dashboard provides access to the following windows:

  • Depth control.
  • Tool configuration and power control, and advanced tool settings.
  • Telemetry control and tuning.
  • Data sampling and replay control.
  • System status display.
  • Wireline weight indicator display.
  • Data browser and processor windows.
  • Signal processing filters.