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The TEM67 is the most powerful PROTEM transmitter, replacing the TEM37. Not only is the TEM67MK2A more powerful than the TEM37 (3,800 watts as compared to 2,800 watts for the TEM37), but the TEM67MK2A offers a degree of flexibility not previously available in time domain transmitters; the TEM67MK2A uses the TEM57MK2A transmitter with a separate power module and larger generator (4,500 watts). This means that one can upgrade from the TEM57MK2A with the addition of a TEM67MK2A power module and generator. Conversely, if the full power of the TEM67MK2A is not required for a particular survey, much of the weight can be eliminated by using only the TEM57MK2A portion.

EM67MK2A transmitter and Power module. Image courtesy of Geonics Limited.
EM67MK2A transmitter and Power module. Image courtesy of Geonics Limited.

The PROTEM 67MK2A system with the 3D receiver coil is the ideal time domain system for profiling deeply buried conductive ore bodies, such as massive sulphides, to depths in excess of 500 metres, and with the 3-axis BH43-3 borehole probe for time domain logging to 2 kilometres. The PROTEM 67MK2A is also ideal for deep soundings in ground water exploration, saline intrusion mapping, geothermal exploration, and regional geological research where structures and layer information is required to depths of 1,000 metres or more.


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
PROTEM Receiver
66cm x 58cm x 51cm 48.5kg
High frequency receiver coil, & Q coil.
74cm x 74cm x 18cm 18cm
Transmitter wire loop (40x40m loop)
82cm x 46cm x 62cm 60kg
66cm x 58cm x 51cm 40.5kg
Shipping Notes:

Typically the system will be consolidated onto a 2x 12cmx100cmx95cm pallets, total weight 200kg.