CG-6 AutoGrav
from Scintrex

The new CG-6 is the latest generation micro gravity meter from Scintrex ltd. Utilising the same patented quartz sensor technology as its predecessor (the CG-5) the CG-6 offers fast, reliable and precise gravity measurements. Designed with the end user in mind the CG-6 interface is intuitive and simple to operate. With 4GB internal flash memory and the option to transfer data in real time to a recording tablet data is constantly backed up.

The all new Lynx LG application provides additional in-field data quality control and analyses at the operator’s finger tips. With real time tide, tilt and ocean load corrections being displayed on screen during data acquisition it is possible to isolate sources of noise and rectify them quickly.

CG-6 on station.


  • Integral GPS (I.e. not an add-on stuck out the side)
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity for easier and faster data download
  • Choice of Berger, ETSTAB or user defined tide corrections
  • In-field simple Gravity profiles and Bouguer anomaly maps
  • Lynx LX software, for mapping real-time positioning, previous survey/station recall, station /route import capability and post processing,
  • Simplified tilt and drift calibration interface via Lynx software
  • User selectable filters – Blackman-Harris (FIR) or moving average
  • Data acquisition software permits user to upload predefined station coordinates for improved survey management
  • Addition of Ocean Load Correction – choice of Schwiderski (default), FES2004 or CSR3.0.
  • Graphical display of instrument metadata for improved data QC. Including; level, tide, load, temperature, drift. Toggled view between raw measurement values and gravity correction in μGal.
  • More intuitive user interface, faster levelling
  • Can operate via rugged tablet PC
  • Greater data storage
  • 35% lighter
  • Reduced profile means better performance in windy conditions


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
CG-6 and all accessories
1m x 0.5m x 0.5m 30kg
Shipping Notes:

All CG-6 transit cases will be strapped to a standard sized pallet for shipping. This helps to ensure the instrument is handled correctly during shipping.

It is common for the CG-6 batteries to fully deplete when shipped overseas via courier, to avoid this we recommend hand carrying the equipment on a commercial flight. Geomatrix will support any costumer who wishes to transport a CG-6 in this manner by delivering the instrument to Luton Airport.

Data Sheet


I cannot download data from the CG6


The USB connection between the PC and CG6 is established but the flash memory drive cannot be accessed.


On the initial batch of CG6 instruments (the orange and silver units) there is no method for cycling the power to the USB circuitry through the CG6 user interface. The only solution is to remove both batteries for 1 second and then replace them to reboot the instrument. This will reset the USB interface and allow access to the files stored on the instrument. removing the batteries from the instrument for 1 second will not corrupt the data file as long as the meter is not recording. After downloading data from the instrument always escape the USB menu on the CG6 and then safety remove the device on the PC before disconnecting the USB cable. Scintrex resolve this issue on later units (the blue and silver units) and offered an upgrade solution for the initial batch of instruments. Check the firmware on the meter before removing the batteries, or contact Geomatrix for advise.

Why is a GPS error message presented on the CG6 micro gravity meter?


The GPS chip in the CG-6 has not rebooted corrected this can occur on occasion if the instrument power is not recycled correctly.


There is not means to reboot the power to the GPS chip through the firmware. The only solution is to remove both batteries for 1 second and then replace them, effectively hard rebooting the instrument. Removing the batteries for such a short period of time will not effect the temperature stability of the sensor.