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Specifically designed to meet the requirements of the utility detection industry the PinPointR GPR system combines ImpulseRadar’s real-time sampling (RTS) technology with a 400MHz & 800MHz set of antenna to provide unquestionable data fidelity and resolution.

The PinPointR GPR system

The dual channel electronics permit both frequency antenna to be recorded simultaneously and targets picked from either channel on the fly. The compact all-in-one design means the systems can be stored and transported complete so that it is ready for use at a moments notice.


  • Simultaneous Dual frequency data acquisition (400MHz & 800MHz)
  • Lower power consumption permitting 7 hours operation off one charge
  • Easy to use Android interface
  • Wireless coms with recording device
  • Data back-up, Internal SD memory to ensure no data is lost during wireless transfer.
  • Internal GNSS for accurate data timestamping and basic Geo-referencing
  • Fully integrated support for external RTK GNSS
  • Automatic Utility report generation


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
PinPointR GPR System with GNSS tripod
95cm x 60cm x 40cm 30kg

Data Sheet

Application Notes

Data Enhancement Tools

ViewPoint data aquitions software is easy to use with interactive data processing tools to assist enhance anomalies for interoperation on the fly.

ViewPoint Features
Georeferencing on the Fly
ViewPoint Georeferencing features

ViewPoint permits operators to pull in aerial imagery and view marked features on the fly. When leaving a project the user will be prompted to generate a PDF Field Summary report and a KMZ files.

Local Grid Project

The RL-project associates and orientates GPR profiles to a straight-line reference. This reference line can be any type of physical line visible within the survey area during and after data collection. Examples include boundaries, curb lines, fence lines, or merely a metering-tape laid on the ground. Regardless, one end of the line needs to be defined as the starting point and then equidistant points marked along its length. Profiles are gathered in straight lines, perpendicular to the reference line, and a reference-marker is placed within the GPR data every time the reference line is crossed.

VeiwPoint controls for gridded survey


How do I download my ImpulseRadar Viewpoint files from my Android device?

In August 2022, Android released version 13 of their operating system. New data security measures restrict access to folders/files apps can open from the device memory, this includes the file explorer app supplied with the Android installation. Single Line and Multi Line Project folders can exported through the VeiwPoint application.

1) Open the ViewPoint App 2) Press the [Folder] icon 3) Navigate to the Single or Multi line project folder to be downloaded 4) Press and hold on the project folder until the sub menu opens with the options Send, Zip and Delete. 5) Zip the project folder 6) Press and hold on the Zipped project folder until the sub menu opens. 7) Press [Send] 8) Choose the path you want to send the Zipped folder to. this could be an Expernal USD memory drive or cloud storage.