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Geomatrix Landstremers are based around the L1 kit supplied by GeoStuff. From many years of experience supporting a lease pool of geophysical instruments we understand the lengths needed to produce a rugged and durable landstreamer which can be relied upon. Suitable for MASW, refraction or reflection surveys our land streamers help to improve productivity without compromising data quality.

Landstreamer for MASW, 24 4.5Hz geophones at 2m spacings.
Landstreamer for MASW, 24 4.5Hz geophones at 2m spacings.

The high yielding tensile strength and non stretch properties of the Kevlar webbing formulate the structure of each system. The material’s high resistance against abrasion helps protect the cable and moulded takeouts from being subject to excessive wear.

To minimise the risk of entangling the streamer within vegetation each takeout is wired directly into the geophone, minimising the amount of surplus cable. In addition the geophone takeouts are moulded so that each geophone cable runs parallel to the spread cable.

Wire wing stabilisers aid in ensuring each geophone remains coupled to the ground and do not overturn causing damage to the geophone casing or cable.

The Kevlar webbing is easily replaced, enabling the life of the product to be extended by ensuring that the spread cable and moulded take outs are always sufficiently protected.


“The landstreamer was constructed to our specifications and delivered to our New Zealand office efficiently. The landstreamer has performed very reliably and has been used to collect many kilometres of MASW data throughout New Zealand and the Far East.” Oilver Gibson, RDCL.


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Case 1
24 channel Landstremer (2m geophone int)
80cm x 70cm x 55cm 70kg

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