Atom - Wireless Seismograph
from Geometrics

The Atom is the latest generation seismograph by Geometrics Inc. A completely wireless system each Atom consists of a state-of-the-art 24-bit A/D conversion, GPS-controlled timing, internal power supply and 4GB of internal data storage. In order to improve functionally and keep the form factor small, lightweight, and covenant to transport the system is equipped with WiFi for data download and NFC for convenient field setup. Capable of supporting single channel or 3 component geophones the Atom can adapt to the requirements of the operator.

Atom 3C & 1C Seismographs performing a huddle coherency test.

The Atom’s primarily application is low frequency passive wave data acquisition. Typically 11 to 100 of units are deployed over a large area and record independently for multiple days. As each Atom is a complete recording device the operator is not constrained by cables or a laptop/data logger, and can deploy non-uniform arrays.

After data download SeisImager automatically sorts records base of the GPS time stamp, applies the array geometry, produces the phase velocity plots and coherence curves.


  • Internal Power: No big batteries to lug around
  • Low energy consumption - Operates up to 70 hours in the field between charges!
  • Simple acquisition - No laptop required
  • GPS time synchronization – Cable free!
  • Wireless downloading – Cable free!
  • Passive data acquisition – No hammers or weight drops
  • Unmatched Specifications – 24 bit, ultra-high resolution 1.5 to 1,650 kHz bandwidth, low distortion (<0.001% at 25Hz, 2ms)


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Case 1
12 channel Atom system for passive recording
71cm x 50cm x 40cm 35kg


GPS LED on ATOM Seismograph is constantly red and no data is recorded


ATOM memory needs to be formatted.


Connect the ATOM unit to your PC via the USB cable and run SPAC software. Navigate to File/Atom(USB)/Format SD cards via USB Disconnect the ATOM and turn it off and turn the unit back on again to confirm the memory has been formatted. To ensure this problem doesn’t occur again make sure all ATOM units remain turned off during long periods of charging.

Formatting ATOM Memory
Formatting ATOM Memory
Is it possible to covert the recorded mV signal amplitude from a Geophone to acceleration (gal) with the Atom seismograph?

Yes. The sensitivity, damping and natural frequency of the geophones are required (most geophone manufacturers can provide these values). These values are then entered into Pickwin or SPAC in order to calculate the absolute acceleration or velocity.

SPAC screenshot showing were to enter the Geophone sensitivity, damping and natural frequency to be able to convert mV to absolute acceleration
Geophone sensitivity setting in Pickwin or SPAC