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The ACM-WAVE-PLUS collects, outputs and stores instantaneous current velocity data in three dimensions along with 3-axis compass data, 2-axis tilt data, temperature data and data on wave statistics and tides. The device can also be configured to log up to two auxiliary inputs from external sensors (e.g. pH, Fluorometer, Transmissometer) and can be equipped with an optional CTD module.

ACM-WAVE-PLUS with current, temperature and depth sensor.
ACM-WAVE-PLUS with current, temperature and depth sensor.

Current velocity is detected by FSI’s enhanced ACM-PLUS acoustic current meter technology which measures the current velocity in 3 dimensions using four acoustic transducers. The transducers are in close proximity and measure the current in a self-contained environment so they are not dependent on reflections from particles or other surfaces like the traditional Doppler current profiler. This enables very good data in applications where ADCPs have trouble such as very clear or still water, shallow water, or at deep depths.

Wave and tide data are measured by a high accuracy, micro-machined silicon pressure sensor, and can be recorded raw or processed automatically by the software to output wave statistics, including wave height, peak frequency, average period, max period and tide. A 3-axis compass measures the Earth’s magnetic field and a 2 axis tilt sensor measures tilt. The compass and tilt readings can be used in the current direction calculations to produce velocity readings in North, East and Up rather than X, Y and Z.

The instrument can be deployed in a multiple-mode format to allow continuous data collection (1-5 Hz), periodic burst sampling or long term averaging. Burst mode outputs and stores data at one of five sampling rates for specified periods at specified intervals. The burst data can be interleaved with the vector averaged current velocity and tilt data to provide an efficient data collection method.

There is also the option to view real time data on a monitor or graphical dashboard using ACM-ProPlus software which is also used to configure the system and download the data.

The ACM-WAVE-PLUS includes advanced standard features such as extended on-board data memory, fast download capability, high accuracy real-time clock and high speed data sampling.


  • High-accuracy wave data, precise pressure sensor
  • Built-in 3-Axis ACM with excellent low-velocity resolution
  • Electronic magneto-resistive compass, 2-axis tilt sensor
  • Fast Data Sampling up to 5 Hz; Fast Data Download
  • Long-term data logging to 2 GigaByte internal memory
  • Built-in High Accuracy real-time clock
  • 1.5-ton working strength mooring frame standard; optional 5-ton mooring frame
  • Optional conductivity, temperature, pressure sensor package (CTD) may be added
Sensor Specs


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
ACM-PLUS 5 Ton frame and cables
110cm x 40cm x 35cm 18kg