CSW-7V Electric Winch
from A.G.O

The robust simple design of the CSW-7V Electric Winch makes it the ideal tool for deploying a variety of geophysical and oceanographic instruments. compatible with a wide most standard telemetry systems the CWS-7V is a flexible easy to deploy medium sized winch.

CSW-7V winch


  • Dog clutch for freewheeling capability
  • Remote.
  • Integrated electric brake between the gearbox and motor
  • Manual disc brake and shear pin lock
  • Manual hand crank
  • Typical drum capacity up to 300 m of 0.32” /8.2mm Rochester Coax Cable (DC Setup)


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
CSW-7V winch, c/w 330m 11.2 dia cable and remote
120cm x 100cm x 126cm 465kg
CSW-7V winch, c/w 400m 8.2 dia cable and remote
120cm x 100cm x 148cm 440kg
Shipping Notes:

A vehicle with rear flit or fork lift is required for loading and unloading this item.