Electre Pro
from Iris Instruments

Electre Pro is an intuitive software package for creating sophisticated quadrupole sequence files which can be uploaded to the Syscal Pro or Elrec Pro Resistivity and Induced Polarisation meters. Complex 2D & 3D array geometries can be established quickly and verified prior to committing to data acquisition.

The electrode geometry can be calculated automatically and subsequently modified manually if obstacles need to be avoided. Individual electrodes can be disabled (switched off) if suitable electrode contact cannot be established.

As well as being able to set the typical stack rate and polarisation time the software offers the ability to specify a maximum injection Current & Voltage, or a minimum potential difference measured across potential dipoles. Such control enables the system to be optimised for both highly resistive and highly conductive environments.

Electre Pro_Alpha and N seperations for Dipole Dipole array clip.
Electre Pro_Alpha and N seperations for Dipole Dipole array clip.

To take full advantage of the multi-channel capability of the Syscal Pro and Elrec Pro the Electre Pro software will automatically optimise data acquisition sequences to utilise the maximum number of channels based off the array type selected. In addition a function call ‘Gapfiller’ will measure quadrapoles, with idle channels, which don’t abide by the array type selected.

Once all possible quadrupoles are calculated an estimate of the completion time is presented.

The spatial density of measurements can be analysed in a graphical display and the measurement routine animated to show how the instrument will perform the readings.