Sweep Freq
from Geomatrix

The SweepFreq vibrator control software is designed to control the Elvis micro vibrator from Geosym when running in conjunction with the Geode or StrataVisor NZXP seismograph from Geometrics.

If used in conjunction with a Geode system running MGOS, SweepFreq can even run on the same PC as is used to control the Geodes, thus reducing the amount of hardware required in the field. SweepFreq allows full operator control over the sweep parameters by a simple mouse click, thus enabling the operator to experiment in the field to arrive at the optimum vibrator sweep parameters for the field site, a particularly important function of seismic data acquisition using a vibrator in order to obtain the best possible data quality.

Typical variable frequency sweep.
Typical variable frequency sweep.

If you want to change from a linear to a logarithmic sweep, simply choose ‘logarithmic’ from the Sweep mode pull down list and its done, similarly the operator and dial in the exact start and stop frequency in order to maximize the ground response to the vibrator.

A full waveform graphic display shows the programmed sweep so the operator has real time feedback in order to QC the pilot trace and the seismic data.


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Sweep freq software, hardware and cables.
30cm x 30cm x 15cm 10kg

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