Stratavisor NZXP
from Geometrics

The StrataVisorTM NZXP is a high-performance exploration seismic system in a compact, weatherproof chassis. The NZXP can operate as a field PC, as a stand-alone seismic recorder with 3 to 64 internal channels - or expands easily to larger channel systems by connecting Geode remote distributed modules or other NZ’s. This flexibility lets you collect data for all applications in all environments – you can even rent extra channels when needed.

StratavisorNZXP. Image courtesy of Geometrics Inc.
StratavisorNZXP. Image courtesy of Geometrics Inc.

Examine your data at all phases of acquisition to ensure data quality. Customisable windows show real-time noise monitor, amplitude spectra and seismic traces so you see problems instantly. A log file keeps track of all parameter changes and customisable alarms alert you to critical issues. You can even do preliminary processing in the field with industry-leading reflection, refraction and tomography software included with every system.

The StrataVisor NZXP console includes a brilliant daylight-visible colour screen, waterproof keypad and built-in printer. Low-power circuitry and a standby mode extend battery life and reduce weight. A tape drive controller, Vibroseis sweep generator and intelligent integration of GPS and other survey data can be included.

Internal test systems are available to verify that your seismic recorder is working to specification. This capability is often required on petroleum surveys or on government facilities concerned with quality control.

The StrataVisor NZXP is backed by a 2 year parts and labour warranty. All this from a company with factory trained service centres world wide and over 30 years of superior support to geoscience professionals.


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Stratavisor NZXP
57.8cm x 38.8cm x 65.6cm 25kg
48 Geophones, hammer plate, power cables, seismic trigger & accessories.
71cm x 50cm x 40cm 45kg
2 x Cable reel
5m int, 24 channel takeout cable.
54cm x 11cm x 39cm (each reel) 23kg (each reel)
Shipping Notes:

For over seas rentals the equipment will be shipped on a pallet (120cmx100cmx95cm 175kg)