IPG800 Downhole Source
from Geotomagraphie

The IPG800 is a lightweight portable downhole source designed to operate the BIS-SH at up to depths of 60m, ideal for most ground engineering projects. The seismic signals are highly repeatable. The source works in dry or water filled boreholes and can be used in vertical or horizontal boreholes. Energy released by the IPG800 discharges through a system of coupled coils. They generate a mechanical impact to the borehole wall that releases seismic waves.

IPG800 with BIS horizontal Shear wave source and remote

The borehole source is coupled to the borehole wall by a pneumatic clamping system (inflatable bladder). The orientation of the source is controlled from surface by a torsionally stiff hose.

Powered from 2 x 12V batteries the source is extremely portable and can be operated in environments where it is not desirable to run a generator.


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
IPG800 and cables
70cm x 50cm x 40cm 35kg
Reel 1
BIS-SH (SH-Wave source)
70cm x 70cm x 47cm 45kg
Shipping Notes:

All equipment will be shipped on a pallet (aprox 145cmx120cmx100cm 150kg)