GeoEel- Solid
from Geometrics

Geometrics SolidTM GeoEel’s elegant design offers superior performance for high resolution 2D seismic surveys.

The smallest-diameter solid design available (only 44.5 mm), the GeoEel Solid™ is easy to deploy, easy to transport and can be shipped by air.

Separate 8-channel modules coupled with a unique slim active section design yield ultra-low towing noise levels (under 4 microbar) and are largely immune to electronic interference, leakage and ground loops that plague analogue streamers. Communicates via 100 mbs Ethernet to the Geometrics CNT-2 controller, running field-proven software that is used on over 70 installations worldwide.

GeoEel deployment.Courtesy of Geometrics Inc.
GeoEel deployment.Courtesy of Geometrics Inc.

Advantages of solid streamers;

  • No bulge wave transmission along the length of the streamer.
  • Up to 6 hydrophones per group.
  • Offers higher resolution compared to competitors streamers due to the tight hydrophone group spacing.
  • Low noise compared to fluid filled streamers.
  • Extremely rugged and easy to handle.
  • Environmentally friendly and non-flammable. Manufactured from solid polyurethane the GeoEel SolidTM presents no risk of leaking oil and can be shipped via air-freight.

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