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RadExPro is a cost effective but powerful processing suite for Windows PC’s which provides effective facilities for processing of high-resolution reflection seismic data, both off-shore and on-shore, with either impulsive or swept (Vibroseis) sources.

The data can be input from one of the many standard formats supported. Those include SEG-Y, SEG-2, SEG-D, SEG-B, SEG-1, etc. Additionally, any non-standard demultiplexed data format can be easily defined and handled, including customisable trace header structure definition. A “nearly-SEG-Y-but…” file is not a problem anymore.

Shot gather and brute stack of marine high resolution marine seismic reflection data. Image Courtesy of Deco.
Shot gather and brute stack of marine high resolution marine seismic reflection data. Image Courtesy of Deco.

Read geometry from original trace headers, import it from ASCII or SPS files, or easily define using one of the intuitive geometry input modules provided for typical acquisition scenarios.

In the case of more sophisticated/experimental acquisition schemes, you can precisely define data geometry using mathematical formulas in the built-in equation calculator. You can also edit and manipulate the values directly through the built-in flexible Geometry Spread sheet editor. Sort your data right on the input to a processing flow. There is no need to re-sort the data beforehand, you get your data sorted properly exactly when you need it.

Efficiently suppress ground-roll with F-K filtering. Once created interactively, the filter polygon can then be applied to all of the data in a processing flow. Additional options include polygon mirroring and fan filtering with optional wrapping.

The resulting stack (though can be further improved by migration, F-X predictive filtering, spectral whitening, etc.) is ready for interpretation. Pick horizons easily, smooth them, export to ASCII and DXF files or grid them within the software. Impressive 3D display enhances geological understanding of the data and facilitates interpretation.

RadExPro offers simple easy to use modules and tools for terrestrial, VSP and Marine data processing, inversion and interpretation.


  • Convenient and easy data input/output allows loading of seismic data recorded almost in any format either from disk or tape
  • User-friendly interface enables construction of sophisticated processing flows for batch processing of seismic and GPR data
  • Exhaustive set of efficient seismic processing and QC procedures
  • SharpSeis deghosting/broadband processing tools
  • Set of fast interactive tools for seismic data display and analysis
  • Handy interpretation facilities: horizon picking, seismic sequence attribute analysis, interactive map, well-log data visualisation
  • Flexible trace header management, including mathematical operations with header fields and much more
  • Special means for display and analysis of header field values
  • Powerful and effective data base which allows storing of seismic data, processing flows, well data, picks, velocity data, grids, etc.
  • Open scalable architecture – if you miss a specific module, you can build it yourself and integrate into the package! (Programmers working in MS Visual C++ will be provided with special User Application Wizard).

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