Comsys Pro
from Iris Instruments

Comsys Pro is software packaged which allows the Syscal Pro to be controlled remotely via USB or serial link. The software package has been designed to enhance the function of the Syscal Pro when preforming long-term monitoring programs.

View illustrating progress of measurement sequence.

The software enables the user to configure bespoke 2D or 3D measurement routines, using one or more quadrupole configurations, upload them to the instrument and schedule a time for data acquisition is to commence. Results can then be viewed in real time in a number of forms to aid quality control or evaluated after the sequence has been completed.

Resistivity, Chargeability and Self Potential measurements can be scheduled for any array type.

Measurement routines can be manually formulated or automatically created using the Electre Pro sequencing software.

A ‘High Speed’ data acquisition mode optimises data acquisition time by fixing the injection voltage and the number fixing the number of stacks. Alternatively the operator and choose to manually set these parameters.

The software requires minimal processing power or RAM and will operate on any basic laptop/tablet running Windows XP-10.

Data Sheet