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The Geometrics MicroEel Analogue Seismic Streamer is perfectly suited to ultra-high resolution marine sub-bottom investigation projects. Manufactured from solid polyurethane the Geometrics MicroEel offers unbeatable signal clarity.

MicroEel System with Geode Seismograph. Image courtesy of Geometrics Inc.
MicroEel System with Geode Seismograph. Image courtesy of Geometrics Inc.

Signals from the streamer are digitised by the renowned Geometrics Geode seismograph. The intuitive data acquisition software can be run on a standard Laptop PC. All components of the recording system can be run from 12V batteries permitting the system to be operated from any vessel.

The system is light weight and can be deployed by hand from a small vessel. The MicroEel is ideal for geological engineering projects in shallow water.

The MicroEel opens the door to affordable multichannel seismic data acquisition.


  • Available in 1 to 24 channel configurations
  • State-of-the-art, low noise, high sensitivity polymer hydrophones provide stable, accurate response.
  • 31cm bend radius winds easily on small winches.
  • Extremely lightweight, deploys easily by hand,
  • Proprietary floatation survives abrasive environments, proven performance in polar regions.
  • Unique design isolates vibration, bulge waves and suppresses ship and towing related noise.


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
MicroEel system and data acquisition PC
112cm x 112cm x 100cm 250kg
Shipping Notes:

Will require forklift or pallet truck to load and unload from couriers lorry.