from Mt Sopris

The (SGR) probe utilises the full gamma ray spectra in order to measure the nuclide concentrations present, counting the gamma radiation respective of the fixed time window. The data is then represented as a spectrum, with peaks and troughs which can be loaded into the WellCad logging Suite software during the logging process, allowing the real time processing of the spectral data. The probes precision allows the user to accurately measure the gamma counts contained within the lithological units, especially in cross borehole geometries. This instrument can be applied to environmental, geological and mining studies as it helps examine the structural weakness, mineral content and clay content within the subsurface lithologies. In terms of its operation the SGR can be easily run off a 4 to 7 coax cable within a variety of environments.

An example of the data obtained from the SGR probe (image courteously supplied by Mount Sopris Instruments)


An adaptable probe which can be used in a wide variety of applications an environments.

An easy to use system which enables the user to obtain fast, reliable data which can be efficiently processed using the WellCAD spectral processing software in combination with the Medusa Calibration proton recoil detector.

Can be combined with the Uranium Calibration from grand Junction [13-100-055]

Operating Conditions

W - Water √
M - Mud √
D- Dry √

S - Steel √
P - PVC Borehole √
UC- Uncased √

*Centralization is not required

Data Sheet