from Mt Sopris

The 2FSA-1000, one litre Fluid Sampler Probe operates from a single conductor wireline. The probe can be lowered to a desired depth where the sample chamber can be opened by applying the proper voltage polarity to the cable line. Reversing the voltage polarity closes the sample chamber. Power requirements for the probe are a minimum of 50 volts D.C. negative and positive (at the probe top) to operate the sampler motor. Negative voltage applied to the wireline conductor with respect to the wireline armour opens the sample chamber valve. The reverse closes the sample chamber valve. Typically the sample chamber valve is opened and closed using built in caliper open and close commands, respectively, of the logger.

The sample is removed by means of a valve located inside a removable cap on the bottom of the probe. With the cap removed, a tube can be attached between the valve outlet and a container for the sample. Operating the valve allows the sample to be drawn from the sample chamber into an external container.

Larger reservoir capacities available.

== Features

  • Heavy duty, high-torque motor with ball screw drive.
  • Small 38 mm diameter, easy one-person use.
  • Bottom sub encloses sample transfer valve.
  • Can specify sampling chambers of 1 or 2 liters. Larger capacities available upon demand.


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Fluid Sampler probe
215cm x 32cm x 16cm 30kg

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