from Mt Sopris

The 2LSA-1000 1024 channel spectral gamma tools has numerous applications from basic lithology to lithofacies analysis, rock and clay typing, semi-quantitative in-situ uranium assay, phosphate and potash applications.

Unlike most tools, this new generation tool performs real-time temperature compensation. The temperature variation response of the detector used in the new probe is stabilised with embedded firmware so that an accurate spectrum is recorded over a wide temperature range. Calibrations are determined at the factory by cycling temperature over the tool operating range using several different radioactive standards, thus the probe can be used in nearly all borehole environments.


  • Mineral Detection
  • Sedimentology- Facies changes and depositional environment
  • Lithology Studies
  • Identify and Classify Clay Types
  • Recognition of Radioactive material
  • Contamination Research


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Spectral Gamma Probe
215cm x 23cm x 16cm 30kg

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