Syscal R1 Plus
from Iris Instruments

The SYSCAL R1 Plus can be used to drive the Syscal Switch Pro external switching box for multi-electrode imaging, or can be fitted with internal switching circuitry. See the Syscal R1 Plus Switch 48 datasheet for further information.

Syscal R1 (Image Courtesy of Iris Instruments)
Syscal R1 (Image Courtesy of Iris Instruments)

The SYSCAL R1 Plus resistivity meter, specifically designed for medium-depth exploration, can be used for civil engineering, groundwater and environmental projects, to solve problems such as depth-to-bedrock determination, localisation of weathered bedrock, clay-gravel determination, measurement of depth and thickness of aquifers, salinity control, pollution monitoring, etc.

The SYSCAL R1 Plus combines a power source, transmitter up to a 600 V output voltage, and receiver in a single unit; its compactness makes it an effective tool for intensive resistivity surveys.

The SYSCAL R1 Plus generates the current, measures the voltage between the receiving electrodes and displays the apparent resistivity value. Various electrode arrays are available: Schlumberger and Wenner soundings or profiling, gradient and dipole-dipole. IP chargeability measurements are performed on four predefined windows, allowing data quality control.

The measurement is made fully automatically, controlled by a microprocessor : automatic self-potential correction, automatic ranging, digital stacking for signal enhancement, error display in case of procedure troubles. The internal memory can store more than 800 measurements (3000 in multi-electrode mode) with full information on intensity, voltage, resistivity, IP Chargeability, geometrical parameters, station number. A serial link permits transfer of the data to a microcomputer for plotting and interpretation of the data.


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Syscal R1 Plus
38cm x 30cm x 45cm 21kg
Case 2
Cables & Electrodes for sounding
72cm x 49cm x 40cm 40kg
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No Li-ion Battery