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The Georadis GT-32 (also sold as the RS230 in America) is a world leading portable hand-held gamma ray spectrometer for the geophysical industry. The instrument is designed around a 103cm3 Bismuth Germanate Oxide (BGO) detector.

GT-32 Gamma ray spectrometer with protective boot and shoulder strap. Courtesy of Radiation Detection systems

The BGO detector is naturally denser than a Sodium Iodine (NaI) crystal of the same volume meaning count rates are significantly higher compared to its counterpart. Higher count rates are particularly important when characterising geological material through their Potassium (K), Uranium (U) and Thorium (Th) unstable isotope content.

The GT-32 offers three modes of operation; scan, spectra or assay. Scan mode is for general purpose operation and can be adopted for local level radiation identification, assessment of background radiation, classifying building material or locating concentrations of Radon gas. Recording spectra and assaying samples is more specific to identifying Rare Earth Elements (REMs), base line surveying and broader geophysical/geological research.

The instrument will automatically stabilise with reference to background radioactivity, and includes built in Bluetooth communications which permits the integration of geospatial positions via a GPS receiver.

Its rugged design and simple, one button, interface makes the GT-32 ideal for all field applications.


Contents Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
Case 1
Instrument, Cables
470mm x 190mm x 360mm 8.8kg
Shipping Notes:

No shipping restrictions, the instrument does not require radioactive calibration samples.