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Portable Caesium Magnetometer/Gradiometer and Professional Magnetic Mapping System the G-858 MagMapper uses a graphical interface to make survey design and data acquisition quick and efficient. Various modes of operation allow the user to custom design a survey grid for their particular needs.

Geometrics G-858 Gradiometer & GPS setup
Geometrics G-858 Gradiometer & GPS setup

The operator also has the ability to view his/her position on the grid and the current data profile during the survey. Sensitivity, resolution, and recording rate of the caesium magnetometer are user selectable. G-858 data acquisition offers either continuous or discrete station recording. The high sampling rate of the instrument in continuous mode allows the operator to survey an area at a fast walking pace. A wider search radius can be achieved by using a horizontal transverse gradiometer configuration.

As a result, over-all costs are inherently lower while data quality remains high. The G-858 is designed to interface easily with standard computers and peripherals. Geometrics encourages clients to provide their own processing computer hardware. Upon the client’s request Geometrics will provide a complete and fully integrated processing station at a nominal price.


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