SCOUT Logger
from Mt Sopris

The SCOUT is the latest generation borehole logger from Mt Sopris and ALT. Designed to support the Quick Link (QL) range of sondes the SCOUT is optimised for the latest high performance acoustic and optical televiewers. Compatible with most winches and cable types the SCOUT offers an affordable means of introducing high performance televiewers services to a company portfolio.

SCOUT Logger front panel. Rugged and reliable the SCOUT front panel is clean and easy to navigate.


  • Increased logging speed through ultra high speed USB interface, runs on any PC compatible notebook.
  • Supports all Mount Sopris and ALT tools with QuickLink (QL) telemetry.
  • Full compatibility with new Quick Link probe line supporting slim hole tool strings.
  • Complete software control using the Logger Suite software. Real Time Data display and printing.
  • Very easy to use, with graphical user interface, self diagnostic features, and configuration through files. Minimal user input required.
  • Robust heavy duty system, fault tolerant.
  • Preferred solution for customer looking for light weight high performance equipment.

The heart of the graphical user interface is the LoggerSuite dashboard. The operators use the control panel to select and control all system functions, monitor the data acquisition process and observe the logging tool status. The dashboard consists of multiple threads running concurrently, handling specific system tasks simultaneously. The LoggerSuite Dashboard provides access to the following windows :

  • Depth control
  • Tool configuration, power control, and advanced tool settings
  • Telemetry control and tuning
  • Data sampling record and replay control
  • System status display
  • Wireline weight indicator display
  • Data browser and processor control windows

Browser windows are used for real time data monitoring and offer a wide choice of display and printing options for conventional curves, full wave form sonic traces, acoustical and optical borehole images. A header editor is available to provide sophisticated log headers with graphics. Special processors can be activated and configured for real time processing (acoustic velocity picking, spectral gamma display and stacking). Using the WellCAD Browser add-on module allows a real-time connection to the WellCAD data processing platform enabling the user to apply templates, compare currently logged data with reference / repeat data or run processes. QA / QC tasks, data preprocessing and field interpretation can be executed on incoming data.

Product Dimensions

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight
SCOUT Logger (instrument only) 30cm x 17cm x 11cm 2.5kg

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage: 90 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz inverter compatible
Tool Power: Up to 200 V / 300 mA
PC Connection: High speed USB
Operating System: Minimum NT4, XP, VISTA, Win7, Win10
Logging Cable: Standard single, four, seven conductor and coax
Tools / Telemetry: QuickLink probe line
Upgradeability: User upgradeable firmware
Software: LoggerSuite Software

Data Sheet