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Imperial College Geophysical Society Undergraduate Field Demo

9 October 2018

Geomatrix Earth Science are proud sponsors of the Geophysical Society at Imperial University who organise an annual instrument field demonstration for new undergraduate students in Hyde Park.

Imperial College Geophysical Society providing hands on experience of Geophysical instruments to undergraduate students.

SAMM has a couple of new tricks up its sleeve

5 September 2018

SAMM is a Stand Alone Mosaicking Module designed to run alongside existing manufacturers data acquisition programs to enhance survey capability by proving real-time mosaicking, georeferenced charts, satellite imagery overlays and geo-coded observation classification for Forward Look Sonar, Side Scan Sonar and Multi Beam systems.

The most recent version of the software includes a bottom track function (for selected Side Scan Sonar systems) and pseudo ‘Single Beam’ bathymetry if the side scan is hull/poll mounted.

With a simple easy to use interface SAMM is ideal software choice for underwater search and survey.

SAMM with new bottom track feature, for selected Side Scan Sonar systems

Trainee Geophysicist Position

16 August 2018

Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd is a small but long established UK company specialising in the supply of exploration geophysical instrumentation and software to the minerals, engineering site investigation, groundwater and archaeological geophysical markets. We are actively engaged with all geophysics disciplines and trade on a global basis. Full details of our company activities can be found at

Trainee testing EM61MK2 metal detector
Trainee testing EM61MK2 metal detector

We are looking to employ a person with strong A-level results in Physics and Maths to fill the role of Trainee Geophysicist. The successful candidate will learn on the job and will be funded to undertake a remote learning Open University degree program in Physics (or similar course). The position offers an individual with a means of supporting themselves financially through a degree; and provides extensive industry experience to ensure future career opportunities and development, or enable the individual to complete a Master’s degree.

The position is extremely varied and the candidate’s duties will evolve with their experience. Initially the individual will be involved in testing equipment, undertaking small research projects, booking hire equipment for customers, and producing marketing material for the website and exhibitions. Later duties will include customer support, demonstrating equipment and presenting at conferences.

Trainee evaluating a new Gradiometer System for archaeological prospection
Trainee evaluating a new Gradiometer System for archaeological prospection
Geomatrix on board a vessel evaluating the performance of a prototype marine system for locating Unexploded ordnance (UXO
Geomatrix on board a vessel evaluating the performance of a prototype marine system for locating Unexploded ordnance (UXO

This is a unique opportunity for someone who would like to be involved in a growing dynamic industry with strong careers opportunities.

The closing date for applications is August 31st. Please send your CV and a short introduction to yourself outlining why you believe you would be a good candidate for this position to Matthew Guy, Senior Geophysicist by email to:

We welcome applicants and their parents to visit our offices to learn more about the position and funding for the Open University degree.

Portable Lightning seismic vibrating source gets more powerful

1 June 2018

Dual Lightning electromagnetic seismic vibrating source

In recent months Seismic-Mechatronics have been working on increases the output force of their Lightning electromagnetic seismic vibrating source through synchronising multiple units to within 8us.

The P & S wave source is the most powerful vibrating source for it size available commercially, and can be run from a 48VDC or mains supply. The Lighting is proving itself to be a power yet easy to use seismic vibrator source for near surface site investigation and structural dynamics testing.

Further information can be found on the Lightning webpage or feel free to email

Intelligent 2500m Winch developed by Mount Sopris

12 May 2018

Not only does the IWA increase the range of our best-in-class winches, but it also sets new standards for ease of use, safety, power, compactness, and durability.

Featuring an intuitive touchscreen interface, all winch settings and system diagnostics are shown and controlled through the weatherproof membrane touchscreen. The interface user-friendly, and the digital control and programming of the IWA provides the operator with better control and unique safety features, including the following settings:

Taylor from Mount Sopris acting as a scale for the IWA 2500m winch mounted on a trailer
  • Maximum speed control of the winchIWA winch touch-screen display
  • Wireline acceleration safeguard
  • Depth alarms and automatic winch braking
  • Adjustable tension shut-off limits
  • Level-wind calibration
  • System diagnostics
  • PC interface to permit remote support and control

On top of its intelligence, the IWA is also brawny. This winch has a 6 HP servo motor that can operate at speeds over 55 meters/minute (180 feet/min) and lift the heaviest tool stack with ease. Being the strongest winch in its class doesn’t mean the IWA is bulky and cumbersome. The IWA has a very small footprint. The completely redesigned level-wind assembly keeps the winch footprint at just 1.1 x 0.9 x 0.8 meters (45 x 37 x 32 inches), only slightly larger than our 2 HP WFA winch.